the elves keep multiplying

December 2, 2010 § 2 Comments

The elves keeps reproducing. I love these vintage Christmas elves. Many years ago, my grandmother had some “hanging around” in her home during the Christmas season. I used to stare at them when I went over her house during the Holidays. They would be placed above doorways and moldings—their odd mischievous grins greeting her guests as they entered the room.

I have a problem, whenever I come across these guys in antique shops, I just can’t resist them. They usually end up walking out with me.

a sampling of my elves

I am not sure of the complete history of these elves. I believe they were manufactured in Japan in the 1950s and are called knee huggers. I understand that the United States had imported billions and billions of these creatures, so there should be plenty more for me to adopt. (Not sure why Japan was in the elf-making business back then, but I guess that was their niche at the time).

Now if I could only find a vintage aluminum pom-pom Christmas tree from that same era. Maybe you remember the one I am longing for— it had a separate multi-colored light unit that sat on the floor and beamed up at the tree. Each branch had a pom-pom on the end and had an individual cardboard sleeve for storage. Before I became older and wiser, I used to think aluminum trees were SOOOO ridiculous looking.

It’s funny how the old stuff that seemed so average back then eventually becomes the ultimate in retro chic. If only you had the space and the inclination to hold on to everything despite the fact that you get bored with it and it’s “not in style“, ’cause just you wait.


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§ 2 Responses to the elves keep multiplying

  • Marsha says:

    What an adorable picture of the elves. I think i’ll start collecting them.

  • Monique says:

    wow i have the same elf problem – i collect them too! i can’t stop – i must get more of them – but i find i am only in the mood to buy them at christmas time – any other time of the year i have no interest. i thought i was the only one with this vintage elf obsession. well now that you wrote about it on your blog, everybody will start collecting them and they will be hard for us to get.

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