somehow a tree comes alive

December 5, 2010 § 4 Comments

One tree fully dressed for 2010

I did it. The tree is as done as it is going to be. I think. I keep looking at it and wanting to make changes. I keep thinking I need more ornaments and I keep wanting to move things around. I keep wishing there could be more lights. I keep wondering if I should have bought a live tree instead. I keep thinking it should be taller. At some point you have to stop thinking, wishing and wondering.

Upside down tree

Inverted Tree / Danny Novo/Flickr

An aluminum Christmas tree in Bellevue, Washin...

Retro Aluminum Tree / Image via Wikipedia

It looks very much like last year’s with slight tweaking—I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. But it IS starting to take on the feel of a store-bought pre-decorated creation that I keep dragging out every year. I probably should do something different next year. Maybe I will consider an upside down tree that hangs from the ceiling—there is something intriguing about such an odd and whacky display. Wait a minute, that probably won’t be the best option for me—too much pre-planning and prep work involved. I’m not always up for that.

I definitely should start thinking about next year’s tree since all the imported cheap Christmas stuff will be on clearance in just a few short weeks. I have always preferred green trees, but white trees have caught my attention this year. I am also still searching for a silver retro aluminum tree, but finding one in good shape is proving to be quite a challenge.

I realized that my problem with decorating is simply getting motivated to start. Once I begin, I enjoy it and keep coming up with more ideas of what can be done. Then I can’t stop.

One more thing—I have a Christmas Tree, not a Holiday tree. It always will be. Merry Christmas.


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§ 4 Responses to somehow a tree comes alive

  • Marsha says:

    Lovely tree; don’t start thinking about change because you will then be constanly changing the decor on your tree and never be satisfied. I have the same problem which is I am never quite happy with the finished product. It takes me two days to decorate, one just putting on all the ornaments and another to tweak it, either adding on or taking off. Happens every year.


  • Monique says:

    wow you sure have a fancy-looking house.

    your tree is very pretty. you cannot change the ornaments or the theme on a tree every year – that would be so expensive and how would you store the millions of ornaments you will accumulate? it will drive you nuts. just enjoy what you have.

    • rotarydial says:

      well, I could still use some of the ornaments in other places of the house. Or, I could use some on the tree and add some of another color. I imagine I could also sell ornaments at garage sales if I end up with too many. I will start thinking about next year now so I am not scrambling next year. How do you decorate your tree Monique? By the way I LOVE that name. It’s sounds regal. Thanks for complimenting my tree.

      • Monique says:

        i still don’t think you should keep changing the look of your tree every year. you are wasting so much money – xmas decor is not cheap (even though it is made cheaply). your tree looks so pretty and wintery – i can’t believe you are tired of that all ready. my tree is 9 feet tall (10 feet when i am done decorating it), and i have a variety of red and silver ornaments on it. red is the main xmas color in my house. it is traditional with a modern touch. thanks for liking my name – i was named after my great-grandmother who was born in france.

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