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December 14, 2010 § 10 Comments

Staring at Computer Apple Man

Wonderful. On my long, horrid, snowy, icy drive home from work this evening, I was listening to a cosmetic surgeon on the radio and he mentioned a new cosmetic “issue” that is affecting both men and women. It’s called, believe it or not, computer face.

As if there isn’t enough to worry about thanks to varicose veins, saggy body parts, wrinkles and fat rolls—now we need to worry about the dreaded computer face.

According to this doctor, office workers and those using computers 6 or more hours a day (that would be me) are likely to show premature signs of aging and can develop computer face (CF).  CF is characterized by sagging jowls, second neck (due to your head position during computer use, aka turkey neck), and deep set wrinkles around the forehead and eyes.

As you sit in front of your computer, you tend to think hard and will often put on a “grumpy face” without even realizing it. (Put a mirror by your computer you might be surprised to see your intense, mean facial expression.) Remember when your mother used to say “don’t make that face, God will punish you and your face will stay like that?” Well we’re finding that mom is right, day after day of grumpy face is causing computer face, and the cosmetic surgeons couldn’t be happier.

What can you do to prevent this? Raise your computer screen so you aren’t looking down at it all the time, take breaks from the screen periodically and do neck muscle stretches. Most importantly, wipe off that God awful devil-like expression on your mug. All else fails, hello botox.


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§ 10 Responses to computer face

  • Minka says:

    Wait, I can blame turkey neck on that?? Score! I thought it was there for other reasons… but that is neither here nor there…This article did make me stop and recognize my current computer face = computer body. I’m laying on my couch hunched over my netbook..oh yeah thats doin wonders for my posture and my CF… wooooohooo…. Good thing there is a chiropractor in my family…and i agree on the botox!

    – Minka

    • dia says:

      Minka–it’s amazing how bad your posture and your facial expression can get as you type away on the computer (hour after hour). I have been thinking about that a lot lately and am trying to be careful. Little kids that will start using computers when they are just little tots are going to have COMPUTER FACE by age 20…he he he

      Thanks for stopping by…

  • Adrienne says:

    Merry Christmas and a Blessed and Holy 2011 in Christ Jesus! Christ is born! Glorify Him!

    I love to look up holy Traditional Catholic sites – as for my ‘turkey neck’ – long may it wag as I surf in His Name!
    Many Blessings!

  • Marsha says:

    Oh brother, another manufactured problem. Let’s just try to act and look pleasant and not worry about jowls. Sooner or later we all have them. Just wear a turtle neck or scarf when you can and leave it at that. Summer might give us a problem though.

    Don’t worry, be happy!!!!!! Health is more important than jowls.

  • Monique says:

    oh great – did you have to tell me this? i have been noticing jowls and turkey neck lately and now it is going to get worse because i just got a laptop and my screen is not as high as it was with my desktop. as i type this i am holding my chin up and making sure my face is not wrinkling while i type. this is awful. i wish they would invent a flat iron for the face and neck.

    • dia says:

      I feel for you. I am on a computer a billion hours of day. I am going to raise mine up. Just make sure you don’t have “grumpy face” while you type. THat’s just as bad and causing issues as well. I couldn’t believe this when the surgeon was talking about it on doctor radio and he said the term for it is COMPUTER FACE…that’s horrid. Now I am going to be walking around looking at people noticing that they have CF.

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