I never really liked santa

December 19, 2010 § 8 Comments

I never really liked Santa. In fact, I couldn’t stand him. That’s just the way it was and still is.

Me with Santa in 1963 (who wouldn't be terrified of this sour-looking guy?)

Think of it from the perspective of a 2-year old. You are persuaded to get near this massive old guy wearing a ridiculous outfit. He has a long scraggly, white puffy beard—facial fuzz that you’ve never seen before on the men that surround you during your short duration on this good earth. To make matters worse, you are encouraged, by your parents no less (who you thought loved you), to get super close to this odd stranger. They plop you down on his oversized lap, and then somehow, engulfed in your horror and fright, you are expected to have an overly up-close and personal face-to-face conversation with this freak. Oh, and it’s not TOO intimidating that he is very aware of what a horrible kid you are, thanks to some secret mysterious crystal ball he’s looking into constantly.

Santa is scary. Merry Christmas anyway.


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§ 8 Responses to I never really liked santa

  • Minka says:

    Lol well when you put it that way…yeah he is scary!! On the other hand he would potentially bring you gifts if you sweat talked your way into them…and he had some pretty cool flying reindeer. Its the other Holiday creatures you had to look out for! I remember being in preschool and a giant easter bunny would come visit us…and Smokey the bear… I hated smokey with a passion… Santa was a saint compared to him.
    Lol have a good Christmas!
    – Minka http://www.thestupidme.com

    • dia says:

      Thanks Minka… Giant Easter Bunnies used to give me the creeps too! I don’t think I ever came across Smokey the Bear….Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Marsha says:

    What a cute picture even though you are about to cry. I guess we should take children to see Santa when they’re a little older — kind of get them used to seeing him in this odd outfit. But, clowns can also be scary. I think it depends on the child. I liked Santa; I was told to sit, smile and tell Santa what I wanted for Christmas. He looked to me like a Grandpa.

    • dia says:

      Sounds like you had a much better experience Marsha. If Santa looked like Grandpa to you, that makes it easier. He sure didn’t look like any grandpa-type I was familiar with. I like how you said “I was told to sit, smile”. That’s cute.

  • Monique says:

    You were such a cute baby!! I have to admit that I was TERRIFIED of Santa too and i also have a picture of me crying on his lap. I am still scared of Santa and all costumed characters. Clowns and leprechans (spell?) are especially scary to me.

    • dia says:

      hmmm I understand the clown thing. But I can’t imagine where you would ever come across Leprechauns. Are you Irish perhaps? How are you with the Easter Bunny? You should never go to Disneyland/world, it is FULL of costumed characters.

      • Monique says:

        i am not Irish but i am still very afraid of leprechauns. they are so ugly and creepy and evil-looking. i had to sit on the easter bunny’s lap once in my life when i was about seven – i was able to get thru it without crying, but i did not enjoy it and i was still a little scared. i have been to disneyland and i tried my best to avoid the costumed characters – even mickey mouse.

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