Christmas Pierogi

December 26, 2010 § 9 Comments

Christmas pierogi waiting to be fried in butter (I think they look a pod of albino stingrays...)

It’s a Polish tradition! For Christmas and Easter every year, my family makes (and eats) Pierogi. Many people have never heard of this delectable doughy treat, but I have grown up with these little guys and can’t imagine Christmas or Easter without them. We typically make two types: Sauerkraut and Potato with Cheese (farmers cheese).

Typically, a few dozen are made the week prior to the holiday and they are boiled and then frantically fried in butter just moments prior to sitting down to dinner. The frying process gets them just a little browned and a little crispy. You don’t HAVE to fry them, but it does add a little crunch and a few calories which is always nice.

Making them is fun, especially if you have a wacky sister to help and an understanding, patient mom to guide you. The night before the pierogi manufacturing event,  you get the filling ready (otherwise the process takes TOO long and you will get crabby and start fighting with your kitchen mates). I know this.

Rolling the dough correctly is important—you must get the dough to be just the right thickness (or thinness) and then you punch out a bunch of circles with a little template, like maybe a tuna can (a clean one of course). The most fun is plopping a small wad of filling in the center of the dough circle, folding the dough in half and pinching the edges to close/seal. Then you laugh, laugh, laugh at how peculiar shaped you managed to make the finished sealed pierogi and hope you sealed it well enough so that the filling doesn’t come spewing out in the boiling process. If you want to be a little fancy, you can press a fork along the edge to seal it around the  perimeter which gives added reinforcement and a cute decorative edge treatment. My mummy doesn’t like the fork thing, but I do.



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§ 9 Responses to Christmas Pierogi

  • Monique says:

    hmmmm, i swear that is a different pierogi picture than the one that was posted yesterday….

  • Marsha says:

    I’m sure cherry would be good. As a matter of fact you can purchase strawberry, blueberry, apple pierogi in Hamtramck. My mother and aunt always made the plum pierogi in the fall way back when I was a lil girl. Only they used to make the dough with mashed potatoes and flour plus eggs and did not roll the dough but stretched pieces of dough, inserted the plum and rolled the dough into a ball and were called “round balls” instead of the more common pierogi. The dough was a bit thicker but very tasty. Oh, I sure loved them.

  • Marsha says:

    Speaking of pierogi, I just love the plum ones I make in the fall with Italian prune plums. You cut the pierogi up and add melted butter, sugar, cinnamon and some plain bread crumbs. Oh, I can taste them now – they are to die for!

    • dia says:

      Marsha: Plum pierogi’s sound more like a dessert than a meal. I bet they are very tasty. Where did you come up with making them out of fruit? I am wondering if cherry would be good..?

  • Todd says:

    I love those perdogies; my mother made miniature ones so cute you had to eat at least a dozen and she would always say — stop eating them and leave some for
    Christmas dinner. But I just couldn’t stop. Mom is no longer here so I make them with my wife who makes them with a large biscuit cutter. Now I can only eat about six of them at a time. yummo!!!!

    • dia says:

      Wow Todd. A large biscuit cutter? By the way, I have never heard them referred to as “PERDOGIES. What translation is that? Are you Russian or German?

      I like to hear about a man helping his wife in the kitchen making pierogi’s. You sound like the PERFECT husband ! I sure wish my husband would make them once in a while instead of me.

      Thanks for visiting.

  • Monique says:

    i love pierogis! my family is Polish and we make them for Easter and Christmas too! I like sauerkraut, cheese/potato, strawberry, plum, apple, and meat. one year, my sister attemted to make TUNA pierogis, but they were so disgusting she was only able to make two of them before my mom made her stop.

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