the best memories dangle

January 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

my original charm bracelet, started almost 45 years ago

I love charm bracelets. I was given a charm bracelet for my 5th birthday and YES I do clearly remember that day and that special gift. The little silver bracelet had only one little silver charm dangling from it —a tiny heart, anchor and cross, the symbols of  love, hope and charity. Being five, I didn’t fully realize what that all meant, but I knew it had to be something special. I also knew that this one charm was very lonely, and that I would only be given charms on special occasions.

And boy, did I ever.

I received a charm for  just about everything that ever happened in my life—First Communion, musical instruments, birthdays, St. Patricks’s Day, ballet dancing, graduation— all those magical events, interests, and special times that happen in a girl’s life. I cherished that bracelet and it eventually filled itself with silver memories. My dad even made sure to solder each charm on for me so that it wouldn’t become loose and fall off. As I grew older and became an adult, it grew with me as I acquired charms for adult events, such as my engagement, marriage and various vacations.

I remember each little charm and its story — when I received it, who I received it from and what is signifies for me. Eventually I had filled the original bracelet and then filled a second one. A charm necklace was added to the collection with charms from different cities in Italy that I had visited. The beauty of my bracelets was simplicity. The size never had to be changed because you simply secured the clasp in the chain itself. There were charms to commemorate just about anything and they were always reasonably priced and readily available.

completed pandora charm bracelet

It’s all different now. its all about Pandora charm bracelets. Pandora is beautiful and is supposed to be fashioned along the same concept, but the jewelry is very EXPENSIVE. It is designed around beads rather than charms and has become somewhat of an expensive trendy fad. The sad part is that Pandora is WAY too costly and not designed to be given to a young girl to build upon for decades. Pandora would probably try to tell you otherwise.

I guess my old-style charm bracelets have a very dated look and probably appear “cheap” compared to what everyone is wearing now, but that’s ok. I still appreciate and love the sound it makes as the charms clink against each other as I move  around. I still enjoy it when people notice and ask about it, and I can never wear it without someone grabbing my wrist and twisting the chain around to get a closer look. It’s almost as if for that few moments, they have entered my personal world of long ago. Charms have  a way of drawing you in, one charm in particular sparks a flicker of curiosity, so you ask about it. I respond by describing its unique story, even those that have been dangling around for 30 or 40+ years. I’d say that’s priceless, and pretty charming.


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§ 2 Responses to the best memories dangle

  • mercadeo says:

    interactive bracelet builder build your Pandora Jewelry charm bracelet using our interactive bracelet builder! Simply drag and drop your charms and spacers onto the base bracelet of your choice! click here to get started! how to build a pandora jewelry bracelet learn how to build your custom Pandora charm bracelet!

  • jlheuer says:

    I remember seeing other girls with charm bracelets like you had as a girl and being very envious. Alas it was not something we could afford so I never had one but it looks like from what they are selling as charm bracelets today I never will. That’s OK, it was just fun to bring back that memory.

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