men should not sell jewelry

January 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Interior of Bright's Jewelry Store, Duluth

Image by Jewish Historical Society of the Upper Midwest via Flickr

I hate when a man waits on me when I visit a jewelry store. It shouldn’t be allowed.

Women relate better to the jewelry environment. They understand it. Women have a special relationship with jewelry that most men just can’t comprehend. We like to look at it, we like to imagine it on ourselves, we like to touch and experience it. That all takes time. A female sales person will take as much time as you need, showing you billions of sparkly possibilities. She will insist that you try a piece on. She will try it on for you so that you can see it as an “outsider” looking in—that’s very important. She will get excited with you and for you. She is well aware that you probably already visited five other jewelry stores. She is well aware that you probably need some coaching and positive comments to reinforce your suspicion that at least one of the billions of sparkly treasures is the “one.”

Jewelry store men, however, are a completely different story. Men expect you to know what you want to the exact specification when you come in. They want to show you that one item either by pulling it out of display case or pointing to it in a catalog. They expect a yes or no answer within seconds of holding it in your hand. Frankly, they don’t understand why you even need to physically touch it at all prior to purchasing it. If the sales guy is older, you are really in trouble. You can almost guarantee he will be cantankerous and impatient.

What really frustrates me is men that can’t come up with creative suggestions. When you ask for their ideas, they look at you like you just disconnected their cable TV feed. It never fails— you gather your courage to humbly ask for their suggestions, then comes the stock answer, “that’s about it, that’s about all I can think of. ”  Sorry I bothered you. I’ll leave now.

Men especially cringe when you look at multiple items because then it’s obvious that you don’t know exactly what you want. Not to mention it’s boring them to death. Come to think of it, that’s also how they SHOP. They arrive at the exact store they need to, they pick up the one exact item they need and they leave. Simple as that. No shopping around, no imagining other possibilities, no touching, smelling and thinking. Window shopping doesn’t exist in Man World—that would be extreme cruel and unusual torture.

Men sales associates have often destroyed my jewelry shopping excursions. From now on, I only want to see them sitting in the back room behind the bench —making, fixing and cleaning jewelry. No talking, no helping, no selling. Simple as that.


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