kinda, or is it. . . kind of

February 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Wow.  Have you noticed a definite increase in the use of the word kinda? Or is it kind of? I am not a famous professional speaker, however, I did attend some Toastmaster’s training sessions, so I listen very carefully when people speak. I am horrified when I am listening to someone speaking in front of a group and I keep hearing …. kinda… kinda… kinda.

Most of these women, and yes it tends to be women, are educated, vibrant professionals. Why do they use the word kinda in almost every sentence? It sounds horrible, it sounds unprofessional and immature. I wish I could bring a secret tape recorder to meetings and play it back for them. I don’t think they even realize they keep repeating it.  As I sit there, no matter what the subject matter and how many degrees or how much experience they may have— they lose all credibility.

I admit, I have gone as far as to count the kindas, which can be fun, especially if the meeting is taking longer than it should. There can be billions.

Why would you ever need to say kinda? It either is or it isn’t. Really. Well, kinda.


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