stop pushing the credit card

March 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Macy's Gold Card IMG_2059

Image by stevendepolo via Flickr

Hey Target, Kohls, Pier One, Macy’s — all you giant retailers out there—STOP pushin’ the credit cards. When you ask me if I want to save 20% on my purchase by opening a credit card, I will politely say NO. Stop there. Don’t calculate the 20% off savings on my current purchase, I am more than capable of simple math. I simply don’t want to open up any more credit and I’ll tell you that. I don’t mind being asked the question, but STOP once I say NO. I realize that you are compensated if I “sign up”, but it’s wrong to push credit. It can get in the wrong hands and that’s disastrous. It’s wrong for you to be compensated by pushing credit cards…and you should tell your employer that.

Some people, especially the younger ones, will sign up for your credit card and not realize how much they are spending or  how much interest they are paying. They will get into trouble. You are preying on these people.  Be a responsible retailer. Stop pushing credit.


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