can a typewriter be cute?

July 9, 2011 § 7 Comments

1961 Royal Typewriter, a real gem

I saw this baby in an antique market and just fell in love with it. Why? It’s cute. Simple as that. I am not sure if it is the mint & gray color scheme  or the red Royal logo button that you push to open the lid. It’s just likable and cute, innocent and unassuming. Sometimes things just hit you that way. It’s as if they shout out at you simply by quietly sitting on a high shelf.

This machine looks easygoing and simple, but that’s only on the surface—it weighs about 500 lbs and is built like a tank. It has integrity and class. That’s how they made things in 1961—built to last and made in the USA with pride. That’s why it’s still around for us to enjoy and admire. 

Now it’s mine and it’s cute. 


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