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February 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

I love those little chalky valentine heart candies with the sayings stamped on them. When I was a little girl, I was fascinated that you could actually print words on food. In my mind, candy was considered “food.” I enjoyed reading the different expressions and of course, found them extremely tasty (although now I think they taste like sweetened chalk). They were only around during Valentine’s day which added to their mystique.

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I was brought back to those days, purely by accident recently when I walked by the Philosophy Fragrance section at a local Von Maur Department Store. The fragrance counter was prominently showcasing a body lotion called “Sweet Talk,” in honor of Valentine’s Day no doubt. I smelled the tester bottle and was immediately compelled to squirt a pink gooey glob of it on my hand. Guess what? I couldn’t help but smile and was transported back to my childhood.

I was in love — in love with a moisturizing body lotion that smelled exactly like those old-fashion chalky hearts. I had to have it. I quickly grabbed a fresh pink bottle and paid the nice Philosophy lady, explaining how I just love those candies and just had to have this candy-smelling lotion. She smiled, counting the commission dollars in her head and mentioned that they also have shower gel and lip gloss in the Sweet Talk line. Thanking her, I said the lotion will be enough for me (for now) and mentioned that if they made a spray perfume, I probably would have bought a gallon of that as well. She’s checking on that –“Maybe it’s in the philosophy marketing plan.”

Sweet Talk is comforting. It’s little girl. It’s sweet and candy-like. I can’t stop smelling it.  

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