Does your doctor suffer from bad shoe syndrome?

February 21, 2015 § Leave a comment

docI can remember several years ago when doctors and nurses had that sterile all-white crisp look. What happen to that? As I wander into various doctors offices either for my own appointments or with my parents, I see crumpled lab coats, messy hair, and the SHOES. Especially the shoes. What happened to caring about what your shoes look like?

I was visiting in a hospital room and the surgeon came in and I quickly spotted what looked like blood on his shoes. Yes BLOOD. Maybe it was overflow from the spaghetti he had for lunch that day, I have no idea, but I found it unnerving. I became fixated on that blotch of mysterious liquid and didn’t hear much of anything he said. 

I don’t mean to pick on the medical profession–I know it’s stressful, filled with demanding patients and long hours, and it’s apparent that Americans in many sectors have “casualed” it to the max. (Except for the funeral home business–those folks always look, dress and act amazingly classy. Always perfect.)

Doctors, please keep in mind, patients nervously wait for several minutes, something hours in your waiting rooms. When you finally breeze into the room, we want to see clean, we want to see attention to detail. Could the way you care for your shoes be a clue as to the detail you pay to your patients? What I prefer to think is that you are so busy providing excellent care for your patients, you don’t have time to look at your shoes.

And while we are on this subject, what ever happen to nurse hats

 nure hat


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