Easter Sunday Thoughts

April 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

Easter Sunday 2015 was beautiful. Easter is designed to be beautiful. My husband and I attend the 10am Mass every Sunday but this Easter we managed to wake a bit earlier and made it to the 8am Mass. It was impressive to see the church building bursting at the drywall seams with the massive crowd. I know that many of these people are not regular church goers, but that’s ok. Many parishioners get mad when part-time church goers show up and take up the seating. That doesn’t bother me. Christ would have welcomed the part-timers as lovingly as he welcomed the full-timers. Someone (or something) tapped these folks on the shoulder Easter morning and nudged them to get up early and show up. Showing up is important. It’s a first step. Who knows, maybe they will show up again. 

I feel sad when I see the little girls and ladies all dressed up for Easter Sunday in spring wear. It’s typically never very warm on Easter morning in Michigan. Often it is rainy and cold. But these ladies and little girls shop for their Easter clothes with joy and hope and know they are going to wear them regardless of what’s happening outside. The Easter dresses serve as a reminder that there are good things to come–flower buds, spring outdoor activities, no windshield scraping for a few months. That’s what Easter is all about isn’t it–knowing that things aren’t perfect at the moment, but we move forward and prepare anyway. The best is yet to come. 

Happy Easter to ALL. 


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