about me

My name is dia. I had visions of this site being about history and it did start out that way, but it evolved, as things often do. It evolved into the unexpected and a mish mash of topics, — a tangled mess actually. Life is like that, you never know what to expect.

There are many subjects I have orbiting around in my head. You will find this space to be dedicated to nothing in particular, but always a surprise. I love history, old photographs, the 1940s, WWII, antiques, old houses, vintage mannequins and jewelry. I collect antique telephones, typewriters and love to explore flea markets and antique shops.

I listen to the old radio classics on satellite radio. Dragnet is my favorite. I am amazed at how many radio shows were made in the 1940’s and 50’s… and then TV had to come along and ruin it all.

I still enjoy the old corny 1960 TV shows: Batman, Lost in Space, I Dream of Jeannie, The Andy Griffith Show, Beverly HillbilliesPetticoat Junction, Green Acres, Gilligan’s Island, and of course Addam’s Family and The Munsters. I want those shows back. I may mention them here from time to time.

By day, I work in the advertising/marketing field. In my spare time, I am a member of my local historical society and the designer/editor of their newsletter. Always learning. That never stops.


§ 7 Responses to about me

  • I love history! We just purchased an old secretary, complete with book cabinets and drawers. I put all my “most precious” books in there. Some of my favorite stories are by Mary Stuart. Keep writing!

  • gpcox says:

    Pleased to meet you.

  • yeti says:

    Hello Diane! Thanks for following my attic autos.wordpress.com site. I read that you work in advertising, so did I — my whole life as a matter of fact. Art end. Small world.
    I love creating attic autos. I have other blogs as well but this one is closest to my heart.
    I extend this offer to you as I do all my followers, find a photo of someone you know standing with or next to a vintage car, send it to me at atticautos@gmail.com and with your written permission I will post it with all the others.
    Keep blogging! Happy New Year!


  • Linda Beaston says:

    THANK YOU for this. Love the nostalgia! Being the type to watch an old movie mostly because the intrigue of the home decor, dress and hair styles, automobiles…everything.
    Will definately look forward to email notices!
    (Rotary phones…I carry a simple trac fone. Have wanted an old ring tone for it but until I go ‘new fangled’ I have to settle for the blips and beeps of todays cell phones. Love the old dial phones!!!
    Thank you for doing this!! It’s awesome!!

    • rotarydial says:

      Thanks Linda–hope you enjoy my postings. They will mostly be nostalgic/vintage in subject matter, but you never know I may throw in some current stuff happening in my life as well. Feel free to comment on any of the postings. Would love to hear about what old movies are your favorites, or books, etc.

      • Linda Beaston says:

        Actually just got thru watching ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’ for the hundredth time. My favorite. Love Gregory Peck and the simple but hard times. My favorite book of all times is the ‘Good Earth’. Always seem to latch on to the very simple, striving to live during hard times scenarios.
        Any subject matter is great. Love to hear peoples opinions on different things.
        Thanks for turning me on to this.

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