Currently Reading

  • Currently via Kindle, I am reading The Black Echo – by Michael Connelly, I love reading true stories, but every once in a while you must change it up a bit. A good old-fashioned murder mystery.
  • Also reading via traditional book with a spine and pages to turn: Voyage of the Damned by Gordon Thomas & Max Morgan Witts and Refuge Denied by Sarah Ogilvie and Scott Miller. Two books about the German ship the St Louis. Fascinating true event about the voyage of the ship carrying over 900 jewish refugees attempting to leave Germany in 1939. They sail to Cuba to wait their turn to legally enter the United States. Cuba turns them away. They sail toward Florida —the United States also turns them away. Hitler uses this event to give credibility to his plan to exterminate the Jews–no other country wants them. So horrifying, you want it to be fiction. This story has many elements –the brave ship captain who is respectful of the jews, the crew (one in particular who can’t be trusted) and of course the many jewish people who risked their lives just getting to the boat dock. 

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