Good Movies

Here’s a couple of movies I strongly recommend:

  • The King’s Speech, beautifully done, true story. This movie centers around Queen Elizabeth’s parents…I just wish they didn’t make Winston Churchill appear so ridiculously sour looking. Other than that, the other portrayals seemed genuine. This picture will send you to the internet to gather the history and learn more about this intriguing monarchy.
  • Hope & Glory, older movie (1987) written and directed by John Boorman who based the film on his own early life experiences of growing up in the Blitz in London during World War II. It is told from the perspective of the children and that makes this one unique. I think of this movie often, some scenes I just can’t forget. It’s no doubt, my absolute favorite film about WWII.
  • Valkyrie, if you can just get past the fact that Tom Cruise stars in this picture, you might find it immensely interesting. It’s the true story of the failed plot of 1944 to kill Hitler and remove the Nazi Party from power in WWII Germany. I knew very little about this event prior to seeing the movie, so I found it intriguing. If you can’t stand Tom Cruise, one saving grace is his uncanny resemblance to the actual person that he plays, Claus von Stauffenberg, the main character and coordinator of the assassination plot.
  • Amelia, with Hillary Swank and Richard Gere…the story of Amelia Earhart–interesting true story of what this lady was all about. Swank does a wonderful job portraying this somewhat unusual, yet delightful woman. I learned a few things watching this movie that I didn’t know–that’s always a good thing.
  • The Aviator, the biography of Howard Hughes with Leonard DiCaprio…you need to forget that DiCaprio is playing this part because it just doesn’t seem right, but he pulls it off. The story of Howard Hughes is so intriguing and Hughes was so “odd” that you soon forget it’s DiCaprio and can immerse yourself in this man’s world (and it’s a strange one).
  • Apollo 13: You’ve all seen this one by now and know it’s the true story of that amazing mission. Some of us even remember the real thing.  I can watch this constantly.

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