what bugs me

Just for fun…here’s what drives me nuts…

  • use of the phrase “he goes, she goes,” instead of he/she said
  • turning on the radio to find my all-time favorite song that I haven’t heard in a long time… as it is ending
  • anything plaid
  • the act and sound of chewing ice cubes
  • bumper stickers on cars
  • the expression, “at the end of the day…”
  • multiple piercings & tatoos
  • journalists that insist on interjecting their opinions, just read the news
  • lack of  “made in USA” products
  • canadian geese
  • public spitting
  • sandals with socks
  • weak coffee
  • wet hair sitting in the drain
  • revolving doors and turnstiles
  • plastic clamshell packaging that is so intense I can’t open it even with scissors

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